NDIA OCIO Jira Review

SYPAQ undertook a review of the way the Office of the CIO (OCIO) at NDIA was using Jira. The aim of the review was to provide the CIO an overview of how Jira was being used within NDIA OCIO and what process or technical improvements were available.

The methodology that SYPAQ undertook with the review was to interview key stakeholders within the NDIA OCIO team. The report uncovered that Jira was being used across multiple overlapping projects within the OCIO and recommended merging the projects into a single project and implementing structured workflows.

SYPAQ was engaged for a second phase to implement the recommended changes from the review. Post implementation of the changes, SYPAQ has been providing comprehensive tailored training to employees across the NDIA OCIO. The training provides an overview of the basics of Jira and how it is used within the OCIO of NDIA.