Change and Transformation

Agile transformation requires changes in policies, processes, mindset and culture that will be felt throughout the organisation.

The best organisations now realise that to be successful, they have to be nimble and adaptable to the shifting whims of a marketplace driven by the customer.

As a result, we are now very much in the age of agile. A revolution of sorts, where agile organisations are connecting everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time. Get it right and success is all but assured – but for most organisations, getting it right requires shifts in attitudes, values, ways of thinking and ways of interacting with the world.

SYPAQ is at the cutting edge of this revolution. We work with organisations large and small, in the public and private sector, to affect real change and implement a lasting agile environment.

To integrate changes in a way that feels organic, we analyse the organisation’s level of readiness, obtain buy-in from top management, provide the wisdom and learnings from similar organisations, standardise the organisation, normalise to the extent of achieving ‘agile fluency’ and optimise to provide strategic agility that empowers the organisation to respond to market forces.

Upon completion, we leave our customers with an enduring and sustainable competitive edge.

Forbes interviewed more than


senior executives from around the world. 92% said they believe organisational agility is critical to business success.

Partner with the experts at SYPAQ to guide and implement your transformation initiatives.

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