Providing a fresh approach to procurement with a focus on solutions rather than products.

Organisations are changing the nature of their conversations with business unit leaders and vendors by focusing on solutions rather than products, paving the way for procurement teams to offer innovative solutions.

We help governments to plan, execute, manage and renegotiate commercial contracts, and enterprises to bid, win and deliver large projects.

We have significant experience assisting departments, agencies and not-for-profit organisations to invest in and/or source enabling solutions. We also work with large enterprise clients to respond to complex Requests for Tender.

We have a deep knowledge of the Defence Procurement Policy Manual (DPPM) and Australian Standard Defence Contract (ASDEFCON) suite of templates. We have worked with Defence from pre-Gate Zero projects right up to Second Pass Approval, working within the framework of the First Principles Review and Smart Buyer initiative.

This experience ensures the Commonwealth is able to clearly articulate its requirements, evaluate responses and confidently select and partner with the right supplier(s).

Equally, this knowledge has been brought to bear in assisting large organisations to secure multi-billion dollar Australian military projects.

In 2020, leading procurement functions will have fully enabled end-to-end procurement, where manual intervention for high-volume repeatable tasks is removed.


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