ERP and CRM Systems

We design ERP, CRM and xRM systems that provide a competitive edge.

The importance of a well-designed ERP or CRM cannot be understated, as it must be trusted to collect, organise and interpret all important data concerning business processes.

By applying our proven agile approach to systems design and engineering and remaining vendor agnostic, we allow our customers to enjoy peace of mind. They know that the system we develop is the system they envisaged, and can be relied upon to provide the insights necessary to better service their customers and stakeholders.

We develop, implement, integrate, enhance, maintain and support Regulatory Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and other xRM solutions for customers in the public and private sector. We also have expertise across the most recognised global platforms, including Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite/Oracle and SAP.

According to Gartner, by 2020, organisations that have successfully renovated their core ERP will achieve a


improvement in IT response agility and cost-to-value outcomes.

SYPAQ’s proven approach to systems design will give you a competitive edge.

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