Our ability to address complex and high-risk problems though our Prototyping capability ensures the integration of adaptable technology that is delivered safely, securely and effectively to achieve maximum operational capacity.

SYPAQ is an innovative Engineering and Systems Integration company, committed to creating a world that works. Our experimental labs continue to support Australia’s next generation of capability through Advanced Manufacturing and rapid-prototyping, in order to develop, integrate, test, assess and report their utility to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

SYPAQ’s structured engineering approach ensures the delivery of high-quality Australian Industry Capability (AIC) innovation to the Australian Department of Defence. Our Prototype capability is supported by our world-class specialists who continue to provide leading edge solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia.

Our ability to build, measure, learn and adapt underpins our prototyping capability accelerate advancements that enhance current capabilities and addressing emerging technologies and capabilities.

SYPAQs Advanced Manufacturing and New Technologies Laboratory Facility fully support innovation and prototyping from concept to reality. Our capabilities include:

  • Hardware/Software-In-The-Loop (H/SITL) testing and evaluation
  • ICT Infrastructure support and test environment
  • Systems Integration and Test Environment
  • Composites Manufacturing and Materials R&D laboratory
  • Electronics prototyping, test and assembly laboratory
  • Additive Manufacturing production environment
  • Advanced materials production facilities
  • Mechanical prototyping, test and assembly environment
  • Modelling and simulation laboratory
  • Flight test and operational support environment
  • Sensor integration laboratory


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