Delivering innovative and leading-edge compact UAV Avionic solutions interconnecting systems. Our world-class team of autonomous systems specialists enables SYPAQ to offer leading edge solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia.

SYPAQ’s innovation, technology development and competitive Avionics solutions for Unmanned Systems continue to provide Australian Industry Capability (AIC) to the Australian Defence Forces. Our world-class team of specialists provide leading edge solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia.

Our state-of-the-art UAV-integrated Piccolo autopilots provide a complete, off the shelf solution including the core autopilot, flight sensors, navigation, wireless communication, and payload interfaces – all in a small, highly integrated and inexpensive package.

SYPAQ’s unique expertise and depth of experience have been essential to providing the Commonwealth and Defence with clear solutions toward advancements in future:

  • Networked Avionics
  • Integrated Autopilots
  • Flight Control and Navigation Systems
  • Avionic Subsystems
  • Avionic Software Frameworks
  • Fly-by-wire
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Ground Control Stations (GCS)
  • Digital Mapping
  • Payload and Sensor Management
  • Situational Awareness and Mission Management Systems
  • Cyber Security | Data Exchange
  • Manned – Unmanned Teaming Solutions

SYPAQ provides in-country development and support for UAS Avionic technologies, supporting the next generation of extended capabilities. Our leading-edge innovation and ability to build, measure, learn and adapt underpins our prototyping capability. We have accelerated advancements in Defence programs such as Land-129 and SEA-129, and made an immediate impact on the development of emerging technologies and capabilities.

Partner with SYPAQ for innovative Avionics advice, products and solutions.