Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Next generation integrated solutions, designed to transform information into actionable intelligence for military, law enforcement, emergency services, infrastructure, mining and resources.


Unmanned and Autonomous systems have changed the landscape of the Indo-Pacific, enhancing mission and operational readiness.

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Data Management

Emerging and Next Generation Technologies and the combination of advanced analytics continue to challenge the human cognitive ability to process and prioritise information.

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Electronic Warfare

The next generation of threats and rapid advancements in Electronic Warfare technologies and capabilities present significant challenges to Multi-Domain EW tactics and operations. Modern-day warfare continues to address these challenges in the ability to detect the enemy, optimise tactical situational awareness and achieve a tactical advantage in offensive or defensive operations.

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Sensor Systems

Sensor Systems requirements in the Indo-Pacific region have increased over the past decade due with new strategic competition. Future battle space operations will require agile and modular systems to fully integrate sensors, mission systems and predictive intelligence, offering the capacity to connect any shooter to any sensor.

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The Space ecosystem is highly integrated and extremely congested, and the inherent reliance on space systems is ingrained into many services, including Communications, Precise Navigation, Weather Data and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission systems.

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