Consulting and Contracting

Proven. Trusted. Capable. Responsive. That’s what our customers say about our management and technology consulting and contracting, a reputation earned over three decades of exemplary service delivery.

Business Analysis

Understanding the relationship between business needs and how leveraging technology can enable the right outcomes is important – but effectively eliciting, documenting, analysing and controlling those requirements relies on the right blend of knowledge and experience.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about empowering an organisation with trusted data that can be leveraged to deliver enhanced decision-making capabilities.

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Data Analysis

Our Data Analysts know what they’re looking for, where to look for it, how to find it and what to do with it.

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Desktop Support

With a myriad of ICT applications and hardware making up the modern technology environment, having the right people on hand to provide support when needed is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive.

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Enterprise Architecture

In an agile environment, the role of the enterprise architect has changed. A systems-thinking mindset is critical, but so too is a preparedness to evolve.

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Program, Project and Portfolio Management

We have an impeccable record of successfully delivering engineering and ICT projects, having provided professional services in the design, governance, management, measurement and implementation of numerous complex projects.

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Systems Analysis

The key to success in the private and public sector is the ability to gather, organise, and interpret information.

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