Cyber Security

We provide the Cyber Security advice and solutions trusted by the most discerning customers.

The cyber landscape is an ever-changing environment requiring diligence, expertise and experience to protect information and technology.

Trusted by Military and Government, our cybersecurity expertise remains at the leading edge, providing peace of mind to our most discerning customers, where the protection of privacy, intellectual property, trade secrets and national security is paramount.

Our job is to ensure your personal and corporate information is being used as you intend, and in a manner that contributes positively to your security and success. Our expertise comes from an extensive background within the national security community, and broad experience in the private and public sectors.

We base our service on contemporary best practices and assist in providing you with a clear set of objectives and information on how your digital connectivity can and will affect you. Most importantly, we assist you to develop and implement a framework that aligns your information and security management to your specific personal and business needs.

By 2020,


of large enterprises will be asked to report to their board of directors on cybersecurity and technology risk at least annually.

Contact SYPAQ for the expertise and experience required to keep your valuable information and technology safe.