Advanced Manufacturing

Our Advanced Manufacturing and New Technologies Laboratory Facility continues to provide the Australian Department of Defence an Australian Industry Capability (AIC), advancing research and development and technology innovations that enable strategic growth.

SYPAQ has been recognised as an innovative and responsive local industry research and development and systems integrator by the Department of Defence, through engagement in multiple innovation contracts.

With proven capability in rapid and agile systems integration, SYPAQ continues to solve incredibly complex technological challenges. We provide demonstrated solutions through our Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Production Centre and secured Software and Electronic Laboratories.

SYPAQ’s Advanced Manufacturing capability underpins the rapid design and manufacturing of next generation technology. In collaborating with Australian Department of Defence, DST, academia and industry, we continue to lead the 4.0 Industry Revolution.

Our integration, test, training and experimentation capability is critical to the delivery of an enduring technological agile approach that ensures maximum value is achieved. Our advanced manufacturing capability includes:

  • Software Development environment
  • ICT Infrastructure support and test environment
  • Systems Integration and Test Environment
  • Composites Manufacturing and Materials R&D laboratory
  • Electronics prototyping, test and assembly laboratory
  • Additive Manufacturing production environment
  • Advanced materials production facilities
  • Mechanical prototyping, test and assembly environment
  • Modelling and simulation laboratory
  • Flight test and operational support environment
  • Sensor integration laboratory

Industry 4.0 is poised to deliver growth and change, with digitisation and smart automation expected to add

14 per cent (US$15 trillion)

to global GDP gains by 2030.

Partner with SYPAQ for world-leading Advanced Manufacturing capabilities.

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