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SYPAQ is home to innovative and dynamic minds. We pride ourselves on pursuing unique and meaningful projects that positively impact the world in which we live.


Life at SYPAQ

The overwhelming sentiment our people share about life at SYPAQ is one of being appreciated and trusted.

Our collegiate and collaborative ethos is supported by enabling processes and tools. The flexibility we offer our staff empowers and encourages them to explore, share and create – a mission that is embraced with pride, passion and gusto.

Our people enjoy being part of an organisation with a clear sense of purpose and responsibility that extends far beyond the financial metrics of a good business. When faced with adversity, challenges or moral dilemmas, our culture is our compass, and decisions are driven by a clear set of values that we embrace and live every day.

Our Vision, Values and Purpose

Our culture, unchanged since the very beginning, is based on a core set of unifying values that have stood the test of time. What we believe in is not necessarily unique, but it’s our unwavering commitment to this culture as a guiding force in everything that we do that sets us apart and continues to underpin our ongoing success.

See something. Do something.

We are committed to being an organisation built on trust. We take responsibility for our actions, do what’s right and deliver outcomes.

Achieve more together

Geese fly in formation, and go further as a flock than they could ever manage on their own. We build teams that support one another, fostering diverse thinking, creativity and inclusiveness. We achieve more together when everyone plays a key role, and success is earned and shared as a whole.

Be Courageous

We are not constrained by the status quo. We believe in boldly innovating and implementing new ideas and technologies to deliver value. We see the opportunity and manage the risk.

Strive for excellence

We have relentlessly high standards and raise them with every hire and promotion. We enable our teams to deliver awe-inspiring outcomes. We actively encourage and support our people in mastering their craft.

We are family

As a family-owned business, we are all connected – through thick and thin. One in, all in. We embrace diversity and treat each other with honesty, respect and compassion.

Why work at SYPAQ

We are driven to produce quality outcomes for our customers

Our ISO9001:2015 certified Quality and Engineering Management System is at the heart of everything we do.

Our emphasis on quality of service delivery and solution development produces a consistently superior experience and outcome for our clients. Consequently, customer attraction, satisfaction and loyalty have never been a problem for SYPAQ.

If you pride yourself on delivering services and solutions of the highest quality for the most discerning customers, you’ll fit right in at SYPAQ.

We are committed to Diversity and Inclusivity

We work with employees to understand their individual work-life balance requirements. As a family business, we understand that everyone has external priorities and commitments in their lives, and family always comes first.

We embrace diversity amongst our team, including cognitive diversity as well as diversity of gender, age, religious or ethnic background and sexual orientation.

We support our Reservists and Volunteers

We are committed to supporting our employees who are members of the Australian Defence Force Reserves and community volunteers.

Special leave provisions exist within our policies to reinforce our gratitude for this service.

Furthermore, as a 100% Australian-owned and operated company and a solution partner to the Australian Defence Force and Industry, SYPAQ has pledged our support for our Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves and are registered and endorsed as a Supportive Employer of the Defence Reserves.

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