Systems and Software Engineering

As an engineering-led organisation, we understand the specific needs of technology-intensive projects, and have a proven history of delivering across the full project lifecycle.

SYPAQ’s approach to Systems and Software Engineering is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, particularly with regard to the integration of COTS/MOTS and legacy systems.

Our Engineering Support ensures design integrity throughout the lifecycle of the system. This is managed in accordance with Technical Regulatory Frameworks, SYPAQ’s internal Engineering Management System (SEMS) and additional certification requirements (eg. environmental, security and information assurance conformance).

The SEMS is a hybrid of the systems engineering V-model and agile software development processes, ideal for software-centric projects where flexibility and responsiveness to evolving business needs throughout the project lifecycle is critical to success. Our proven systems engineering process is divided into the following four phases:

a. System Definition

b. System Design, consisting of Preliminary and Detailed Design

c. Integration and Testing

d. System Implementation

Research shows effective use of Systems Engineering can save up to


of the project budget.

Partner with SYPAQ for Systems and Software Engineering tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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