SYPAQ awarded two projects under the Defence Innovation Hub

SYPAQ Systems is excited to be embarking on two technology innovation projects awarded under the Defence Innovation Hub. The first project will see SYPAQ working with Army to develop a man-portable power generation system to address the ever-growing need for lightweight power generation in the field. The second project will investigate new and innovative methods for Air Force to process, exploit and disseminate complex ISR data.

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SYPAQ awarded its 2nd Defence Innovation Hub Contract

SYPAQ is proud to announce our 2nd Defence Innovation Hub contract to explore the development of software based systems that effectively train networks to learn how to interpret non-standard intelligence products and convert them to comply with appropriate format standards.

The Innovation Hub continues to be a significant driver to build the innovation and business capabilities of Australian industry, universities and research institutions and to deliver innovative solutions for Defence, and SYPAQ is thrilled and privileged to have the opportunity to play a key role in this pursuit.

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SYPAQ Awarded Defence Innovation Hub Funding for a Deployable Power Generator Capability

SYPAQ is proud to be working with the Defence Innovation Hub, developing new capabilities for our service personnel, including a deployable power generator capability. Our small, lightweight next generation power generator will be tailored to land environments to be used by individual soldiers and vehicle-based forces.

Read the official announcement from Minister Christopher Pyne here.

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SYPAQ to Sponsor the 2017 Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School

SYPAQ is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2017 Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School (VIEWS).

VIEWS is an exciting program for Year 11 and 12 Indigenous students focused on expanding their perspective on engineering. Over six days students get an insight into what it’s like to study and work in engineering. The program includes living on campus at the University of Melbourne, industry site visits to engineering related companies, a day spent at the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Swinburne University and Monash University, hands-on workshops and activities that provide an insight […]

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SYPAQ Expands Range of Corvo Unmanned Systems

The Australian International Airshow showcased the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology including Corvo UAS, the impressive range of military grade, modular Small UAS (SUAS) from Australian owned Defence Systems Integrator, SYPAQ.

In addition to the Corvo H6 Multirotor that hit the market in 2016, the Airshow coincided with the launch of three new Corvo platforms – the F13 and F20 fixed wing SUAS platforms, which both share their avionics systems with the H6, and the 99 gram Micro (pictured), which SYPAQ states is in a class of its own and is ideally suited to law enforcement and public […]

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Arcturus UAV JUMP 20 VTOL UAS Deployed with the Mexican Navy

SYPAQ’s partner, Arcturus UAV, has deployed their JUMP 20 Fixed Wing VTOL UAV with the Mexican Navy for unspecified operations in Mexico. The customer took delivery of the VTOL system in March.

The JUMP 20 is a VTOL variant of Arcturus UAV’s catapult launched T-20 platform. The JUMP 20 operates without any special launch or recovery equipment. Gross payload capacity is 60 lbs. The Mexican Navy configuration with EO/IR sensor has approximately 15 hours of endurance and 75 mile data link range. […]

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UTC Aerospace Systems’ Cloud Cap Technology TASE500 all HD Imaging System selected by Vulcanair Aircraft for Chilean Navy Search and Rescue programs

UTC Aerospace Systems will deliver Cloud Cap Technology TASE500 imaging systems to Vulcanair Aircraft in support of maritime search and rescue efforts operated by the Chilean Navy.

The TASE500 imaging system will be installed on Vulcanair's P68 Observer 2 aircraft, a twin–engine airplane designed for maritime observation and patrol. The TASE500 payload provides the first all-HD imaging solution giving operators improved situational awareness, an all-digital imaging chain for maximized processing capability and an optimized lens design for enhanced object recognition. All TASE cameras offer a continuous zoom functionality which provides optimal field of view across all zoom levels.

"The addition of the Cloud Cap Technology TASE500 Imaging System to the P68 Observer 2 will allow us to provide a turnkey, high performance, cost efficient solution to the search and rescue market," said Remo De Feo, CEO of Italy's Vulcanair Aircraft. "The all HD imaging system of the TASE500 was a critical requirement in providing the Chilean Navy with superior nighttime imaging as well as long range daylight surveillance."

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SYPAQ Business Partners expands to Malaysia

SYPAQ is proud to announce the opening of its Malaysia office, situated in Kuala Lumpur.

Since launching in Asia in July 2014, SYPAQ has rapidly expanded from its Singapore headquarters and is now servicing clients in the Banking and Finance sector across the ASEAN region. This growth is part of a carefully planned strategy that is expected to see SYPAQ’s Asian presence rival that of its Australian activities, for size, within the next five years.

SYPAQ’s Singapore based Director, Mr Nelius Strydom, said “We are extremely excited about our prospects in Malaysia as we continue to see a rapidly emerging need for […]

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