Legacy Systems

Some systems are hard to replace – especially the ones that handle vital business processes within an organisation.

Whilst organisations everywhere are transitioning to digital technology to drive better business outcomes, the move away from legacy systems is risky and expensive.

Further, a legacy system is not always defined by its age, making it difficult for organisations to justify changing their systems relatively shortly after implementation.

SYPAQ understands the complexities surrounding this transition from decision making to execution. We are with our customers every step of the way, from assessing the current state of legacy systems, selecting the appropriate modernisation approach, delivering a scalable architecture, choosing the appropriate technology stack, producing orderly documented and clean code for resilience and future growth, supporting both environments in parallel, gracefully retiring legacy systems and providing ongoing training and support.

In a recent survey on the state of ecosystem and application integration, more than half of those surveyed will modernise their integration and IT infrastructure in 2020 but recognise that there are significant challenges to doing that.

For guidance and ongoing support throughout your legacy system transition, choose SYPAQ.

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