CIOG Unified Gateway Integration Project Management

The Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG), within the Department of Defence, initiated a project to install a scalable and flexible unified gateway as a central point of connection between external networks and Defence’s internal networks.

The Directorate of Information and Data Exchange Systems (DIDES) engaged SYPAQ to provide project management oversight of the integration of the unified gateway into the Defence Information Environment (DIE).

In providing this project management oversight, SYPAQ was responsible for:

  • business resource planning and control
  • business management
  • financial management of relevant contracts
  • collecting and managing contract KPIs
  • oversight and awareness of interactions with other contracts
  • developing processes and procedures to support these activities
  • providing knowledge transfer to DIDES

SYPAQ successfully carried out its project management oversight duties on behalf of CIOG, enabling the integration and installation of the new unified gateway.