Clean Energy Regulator Agile Services

SYPAQ led the Clean Energy Regulator’s (CER) transition from a waterfall to agile-based approach to software development.

SYPAQ has been engaged to fill the role of Scrum Master and Application Development Team Lead to coach and mentor the CER project team in the agile framework and ensure the team delivers software in monthly increments and that work aligns with the agency’s direction, standards and processes.

The CER is transitioning from the traditional waterfall approach for software development to an agile-based approach in order to deliver a three-year program of work. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has been chosen by the agency to deliver new products, services and solutions. This presented the opportunity for SYPAQ to tailor our SAFe methodology to meet the needs of the client environment and draw upon the governance and implementation expertise of our consultants to successfully transition CER’s system development and support capability in a way that delivers value to the organisation.

As the Scrum Master, the SYPAQ Consultant approach included the following activities and tasks:

  • Lead the definition and implementation of the Scrum framework across the CER environment
  • Foster knowledge sharing and build the CER’s capacities and understanding of theory, practices, rules and values, applying the principles and practices of the Scrum framework
  • Ensure that enterprise and project goals, scope, and product domain were understood by the Scrum Team
  • Assess and implement techniques for effective Product Backlog management
  • Facilitate Scrum events such as daily meetings and retrospectives and mentor team members in the new roles and responsibilities
  • Review and assess progress and ensure effective change management to support implementation


  1. CER is now delivering monthly releases that add value to services and meet organisational needs through the effective oversight, process, system, people and culture change initiatives.
  2. The deployment process has been successfully automated across three environments.