Land 2072 Phase 2B

SYPAQ is ensuring that next-generation Army communications equipment is secure and accredited.

LAND 2072 is a multi-phased project that is progressively providing the ADF with next-generation telecommunications systems. SYPAQ’s role is to ensure that this new capability is secure and accredited.

Under the current Integrated Support Contract (ISC), SYPAQ’s Engineering team, amongst other system support services, are delivering systems security assessment, design guidance and validation services in support of the LAND 2072 Phase 2B Project Office to achieve ICT certification and accreditation of the next-generation telecommunications solution.

SYPAQ’s ICT Security Accreditation team supports the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) ICT Security Branch (SB) to assess the LAND 2072 Phase 2B Materiel System’s security documentation and provide ICT certification and accreditation services.

These services provide ICT security advice for the Materiel System, including assessing proposed security architecture and conducting certification, compliance and security due diligence activities. This involves the development and mapping of ICT security documentation to Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) and Defence Security Manual (DSM) compliance requirements and production of an ICT Security Branch Accreditation Plan.

SYPAQ is engaged in conducting audits against relevant control requirements in the ISM/DSM, including performing gap analysis and compliance analysis audits. These involve auditing the verification and/or validation data and/or performing a physical inspection of the Materiel System.

The engagement also involves providing the guidance necessary to meet minimum security documentation requirements and conducting threat and risk assessments to identify security non-compliances and provide suggestions for remediation.

A key SYPAQ deliverable is conducting certification and accreditation activities in accordance with the Defence ICT Certification and Accreditation Framework (DICAF) and providing a certification report detailing the compliance of systems within the Materiel System.