Brotherhood of St Laurence RFT Support

Partnering for success through an approach to market and tender evaluation for an important community sector organisation.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) provides a broad range of services across the State of Victoria. To support its service delivery, BSL operates and maintains a complex combination of ICT systems and infrastructure.  The support and maintenance of the ICT systems and infrastructure were outsourced to a third party vendor. However, to ensure that the quality and value of services were maximised, BSL intended to approach the market via a request for tender (RFT) to identify and select the ICT support services provider best suited to the organisation.

SYPAQ was engaged by BSL to develop the statement of work (SOW) and conditions of tender (COT) for BSL’s RFT approach to market for ICT support services.  Following the release of the RFT, SYPAQ was further engaged to conduct the tender evaluation process and prepare the tender evaluation support for BSL.

SYPAQ’s initial task was to develop a tender evaluation record template for BSL staff to record the compliance ratings, observations and risks for each tender against the RFT requirements. While BSL was conducting the tender evaluation and completing the tender evaluation records, SYPAQ evaluated the tenders and prepared pricing models that captured the options available and normalised the results to the pricing, allowing all the tenders to be compared.

Once BSL had completed the tender evaluation record for each tender, SYPAQ compiled the information into a spreadsheet, normalised and reviewed the results with BSL to address any ambiguities or inconsistencies.

SYPAQ collated and summarised all the results from the tender evaluation records, pricing models, interviews and reference checks into the tender evaluation report, which was to be presented to the BSL ICT steering group for approval to engage the preferred tenderer.