SYPAQ continues developing future SUAS for Army 26 February 2020

SYPAQ will continue the development of its Corvo X platform for Army under a new contract announced today by Major General Kathryn Toohey, Head Land Capability for Army.

SYPAQ was one of three industry and research organisations to be awarded a concept exploration contract through a Defence Innovation Hub Special Notice in April 2018, in response to Army’s requirements for its future man-portable Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) capability. After successfully proving the concept behind the Corvo X, the platform has now been selected by Army for further development and capability demonstration in the first half of 2019.

Speaking at the announcement event today at the Avalon International Airshow, SYPAQ CEO Amanda Holt said:

“SYPAQ is proud to be partnering with Army to develop such an important capability for our soldiers in the field”.

Through the Defence Innovation Hub Special Notice, we have had access to opportunities not typically available to small and medium sized businesses, including direct collaboration between innovators and end-users. This has allowed us to continue the development of Corvo X with confidence that we understand the capability needs of Army, both now and into the future.

Army has been a fantastic partner throughout this process, and the result is a system that pushes the boundaries from a technology and soldier integration perspective.

The opportunities being made available to Australian businesses through the Defence Innovation Hub demonstrates the extraordinary capability of our sovereign defence industry – especially in the areas of autonomy, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.”

The Corvo X is a next-generation, man-portable SUAS that will provide the Australian Army with significant capability improvement over currently fielded SUAS. It is the result of an innovative design concept that is pushing the boundaries of new technology, keeping SYPAQ at the forefront of complex systems integration and capability delivery in the C4ISREW domain.

Further, Corvo X is wholly designed and developed in Australia, and SYPAQ is proud to be collaborating with the talented members of our local aerospace SME community to deliver a world class, sovereign solution to LAND 129 Phase 4B.