SYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd (SYPAQ) announced today that it has acquired 100% of the shares of Bellinger Systems Pty Ltd (Bellinger), further reinforcing SYPAQ’s position as a leading Australian owned systems integrator.

Bellinger, founded in 1967, provides leading edge design, manufacture and through life support for a significant scope of electrical, electronic and communications equipment operated by Defence. Customers include multiple areas of all three branches of the Australian Defence Force with a particular focus on Naval capability. Projects have included tactical data links (L11/16/22), surveillance receivers and recorders, communications equipment, radar, navigation & GPS, sonar, power supplies, control systems and more.

SYPAQ’s Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Holt, said “Bellinger’s technical capability complements SYPAQ’s existing C4ISREW and Defence mission systems portfolio, enabling us to deliver end to end integrated communications solutions to our defence and industry partners. This further reinforces our leadership in the areas of tactical data links and maritime systems, including design, engineering, installation, integration, support, maintenance, repair and overhaul.”

“SYPAQ and Bellinger are proud, wholly Australian owned businesses with demonstrated commitment to developing the specialist, multidisciplinary workforce demanded by our clients. At a time when traditional global supply chains are being tested, this acquisition reassures our customers of our truly sovereign industrial capability, ensuring responsiveness, continuity, resilience and war fighting superiority for our Defence force.”

Amanda also paid tribute to Bellinger’s former owner Jim Hardie who stepped in to support the business in 2019. “Jim’s contribution to the ongoing success of the business cannot be overstated.  SYPAQ looks forward to working with Jim in the future, as he remains an integral part of the business going forward.”

As a trusted subcontractor to SYPAQ, the integration of Bellinger’s business operations will be seamless for customers and staff alike with all existing agreements remaining in place. Bellinger will retain its current branding, forming a wholly owned subsidiary of SYPAQ. Bellinger will continue to operate from its headquarters in Western Sydney.


Founded in 1992 and wholly Australian owned, SYPAQ provides advanced management and technology consulting, systems integration and software application development and support services across a broad range of technology and platform domains in several industry sectors including Defence and Aerospace, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), State and Federal Government and Private Enterprise.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, SYPAQ has offices, R&D and Advanced Manufacturing facilities across Australia and in Singapore.

About Bellinger

Bellinger has a long and proud history of supporting all three branches of the Australian Defence Force since 1967.

With a long-standing policy of training apprentices and a high retention ratio, a large corporate history has been maintained with some current staff having over 30 years of experience with the company.

Investment in specialised test equipment and the ability to solve problems has given the company an enviable reputation in the Defence industry.

Specialising in electronics and communications systems, the company provides an end-to-end capability from design, through manufacture and installation to full through life support.

SYPAQ Chairman, George Vicino (right), and Jim Hardie, Bellinger Systems (photo taken in 2019, prior to social distancing practices introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19.)