SYPAQ Grows Cyber Capability 16 September 2020

SYPAQ today announced an exclusive agreement with Keystone Cyber Security (Keystone) to expand the cyber security capabilities of both organisations.

SYPAQ and Keystone will unite under the banner of SYPAQ’s Cyber Services Practice to deliver world-class cyber security services to our Defence, National Security, Government, and private enterprise clients.

This is an important step in the expansion of SYPAQ’s Cyber Services offering, following our successful appointment to Defence’s ISREW Security Services Standing Offer Panel earlier this year.

Keystone is an Australian SME specialising in information and cyber security consulting services. Their expertise centres on the delivery of tailored best practice to provide customers with high quality and tailored information and security management, aligned with their personal and business needs.

Keystone also brings important niche capabilities, including personnel accredited by the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP).

SYPAQ’s three decades of Defence and National Security experience provides the partnership with a deep and unique perspective on the protection of critical infrastructure that all Australians rely on, including cyber security obligations for owners and operators.

Combined, the SYPAQ Cyber Services Practice will contribute to a more secure world for Australians, their businesses and the essential services upon which we all depend.

SYPAQ CEO, Amanda Holt, reiterated the strength of the partnership and the exciting opportunities this collaboration brings. “We’ve been working with Keystone for many years, and we share the values and philosophies that underpin our relationship. Keystone’s expertise and leadership across Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance, perfectly complements SYPAQ’s trusted innovative technology development capabilities. Together we will deliver a unique, responsive and sovereign cyber security capability for Australia.” Ms Holt said.

Keystone Managing Director, Ross Jackson, said “We look forward to the opportunity partnering with SYPAQ brings. Combining our aligned service approach and proven expertise will enable us to continue to deliver best quality information assurance services and to grow capability in the dynamic and increasingly hostile cyber environment.”

Trusted by Military and Government, the combined experience and expertise of SYPAQ and Keystone will provide peace of mind to Australia’s most discerning organisations where the protection of privacy, intellectual property, trade secrets and national security is paramount.