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SYPAQ leads the way in Defence innovation

SYPAQ Systems is pleased to announce the signing of our third contract with the Defence Innovation Hub, confirming our status as an industry leader in Defence innovation.

This latest contract is a $258,621 Concept Exploration task to address Army’s requirements for its future man-portable Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) capability.

SYPAQ’s proposed solution, the Corvo X, was selected as part of the new Special Notice program trialled by the Defence Innovation Hub, which allows Defence Capability Managers to call for industry and research organisations […]

2018-04-12T17:23:23+10:00April, 2018|

Arcturus UAV JUMP 20 VTOL UAS Deployed with the Mexican Navy

SYPAQ’s partner, Arcturus UAV, has deployed their JUMP 20 Fixed Wing VTOL UAV with the Mexican Navy for unspecified operations in Mexico. The customer took delivery of the VTOL system in March.

The JUMP 20 is a VTOL variant of Arcturus UAV’s catapult launched T-20 platform. The JUMP 20 operates without any special launch or recovery equipment. Gross payload capacity is 60 lbs. The Mexican Navy configuration with EO/IR sensor has approximately 15 hours of endurance and 75 mile data link range. […]

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