SYPAQ Systems and Leeson Group today announced that they have formed SYPAQ Leeson Energy (SLE), a joint venture that will leverage the capabilities of the two companies to provide innovative design, engineering and O&M solutions to the energy sector as well as develop new technologies to reduce energy costs and increase returns in energy investment for consumers, government and industry.
As key players in their respective fields, Leeson Group and SYPAQ bring together a highly skilled and dedicated team, capable of providing customers with a broad range of high-quality, trusted services with a focus on delivering security in the life-cycle of their renewable energy assets; whether that be in the initial stages of system design, detailed and complex power systems engineering services, operations and maintenance, or the implementation and ongoing support of new technologies.
“Partnering with one of Australia’s leading professional services business with a proven track record with government and industry increases Leeson Group’s capability to deliver innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector.” said Peter Leeson, the Managing Director of Leeson Group
“Leeson’s track record in the renewable energy sector and SYPAQ’s proven background in systems engineering and innovation will enable SYPAQ Leeson Energy to offer its clients surety and conformance in planning, innovation in design, and efficiency in operation, and that’s a win-win for them, the energy producers, and their customers, the energy consumers.” said SYPAQ’s Chairman, George Vicino.
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