SYPAQ Systems is proud to announce that it has partnered with Challenge, supporting kids with cancer. SYPAQ’s founder and Chairman, George Vicino, said: “Our family’s connection with Challenge goes back more than 25 years and is deeply personal, so we are thrilled to be able to contribute in some way to their amazing work.”

Challenge is a not-for-profit organisation passionately dedicated to improving the lives of families living with cancer. Challenge establishes a support network for families that aims to alleviate the often-burdensome stress that having a child with cancer demands and imposes on a family.

For many families that find themselves in this situation, they are forced to adapt to a new ‘normal’ that likely means their children must adapt to a lifestyle that largely steers away from the standard childhood. Life for the families becomes regulated and restricted – all activities from running in the park or a playdate with a friend must be carefully monitored. This can often see the family’s world disrupted. However, this is where Challenge steps in to try and restore some of the experiences and connections that cancer can sometimes restrict.

Challenge is more than an organisation; Challenge is a community. Challenge recognises that childhood cancer forces an enormous amount of stress and difficulty not only on the child with illness, but the entire family. Challenge focuses on the family collectively rather than individually and aims to address the needs of all family members. They offer unique camps and activities for children and their siblings. They provide parent retreats where mums and dads can meet, interact and confide in others travelling a similar journey. Challenge also offers holiday accommodation to families, so they can bond and share some much-needed quality time together.

To learn more about Challenge, go to click here.