SYPAQ Systems is excited to announce the signing of our fourth contract with the Defence Innovation Hub, which once again recognises our commitment to developing new and innovative technologies for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

This fourth contract, valued at $371,000, will enable SYPAQ to explore a handheld imaging device capable of blending different types of imagery together in real time. The proposed technology could be mounted on unmanned aerial systems and assist the ADF with the detection of improvised explosive devices.

SYPAQ’s existing contracts with the Defence Innovation Hub have included:

  1. Deployable power generation for Army: a $172,000 contract to explore a small, lightweight next generation power generator tailored to deployed operational environments which can be used by individual soldiers and vehicle-based forces.
  2. Future ISR technology for Air Force: a $274,000 contract to explore the development of software-based systems that effectively train networks to learn how to interpret non-standard intelligence products and convert them to comply with appropriate format standards.
  3. ‘SUAS of the future’ for Army: a $258,621 contract via the Innovation Hub’s ‘Special Notice’ engagement model to further develop Corvo X, a next-generation, man-portable Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS), with a firm focus on delivering a sovereign solution for LAND129 Phase 4B.

Each of these four contracts addresses technologies at the core of C4ISR mission systems, including autonomous systems, power generation, sensor payloads, and intelligence data exploitation.

Chairman of the SYPAQ Group, George Vicino, said: “SYPAQ is excited to be at the forefront of the Government’s innovation agenda.”

“These contracts reflect SYPAQ’s ability to devise innovative technology solutions that directly address the challenges the ADF is facing in the C4ISR domain today.”

“We are now seeing the benefits of our long-term investment being recognised, laying the strong foundation for SYPAQ to build a unique sovereign capability as well as a potential export capability.”

CEO of SYPAQ Systems, Amanda Holt, said: “SYPAQ’s R&D program is directly benefitting from our involvement in the Defence Innovation Hub.”

“By engaging directly with end-users, we have been able to develop technology solutions that take into account ADF experiences.”

“This fourth innovation contract with Defence demonstrates SYPAQ’s end-to-end C4ISR capability and builds on SYPAQ’s strong commitment to locally developed, world leading defence technology.”