SYPAQ Systems is pleased to announce the signing of our third contract with the Defence Innovation Hub, confirming our status as an industry leader in Defence innovation.

This latest contract is a $258,621 Concept Exploration task to address Army’s requirements for its future man-portable Small Unmanned Aerial System (SUAS) capability.

SYPAQ’s proposed solution, the Corvo X, was selected as part of the new Special Notice program trialled by the Defence Innovation Hub, which allows Defence Capability Managers to call for industry and research organisations to submit proposals in response to specific capability challenges.

Corvo X is a next-generation, man-portable SUAS that will provide the Australian Army with significant capability improvement over currently fielded SUAS. It is the result of an innovative design concept that is pushing the boundaries of new technology, keeping SYPAQ at the forefront of complex systems integration and capability delivery in the C4ISREW domain.

Crucially, Corvo X is being wholly designed and developed in Australia, and SYPAQ is proud to be collaborating with many members of our local aerospace industry to ensure we will be able to offer a sovereign solution to LAND129 Phase 4B.

SYPAQ is already delivering two projects under the Defence Innovation Hub – working with Army to develop a man-portable power generation system, and with Air Force to investigate new and innovative methods to process, exploit and disseminate complex ISR data.

Chairman of the SYPAQ Group, George Vicino, said: “SYPAQ has now been awarded three contracts through the Defence Innovation Hub – that’s something I’m very proud of.”

“Corvo X is the result of many years of hard work and investment in cutting edge innovation, and demonstrates how Australian industry can meet the needs of our Defence Force.”

CEO of SYPAQ Systems, Amanda Holt, said: “This contract confirms SYPAQ is at the forefront of Defence Innovation in Australia.”

“We have some of the best unmanned systems engineers in the world working on the Corvo product line.”

“Australian industry is more than capable of meeting the ADF’s small unmanned systems needs, which is why it’s so pleasing to see the Defence Innovation Hub putting their faith in Australian businesses like SYPAQ.”

About SYPAQ and Corvo: SYPAQ is a 100% Australian owned systems integrator, with a 25 year history of providing advanced management and technology consulting, systems integration and software application development & support services. Launched in 2016, Corvo builds on the heritage of SYPAQ, leveraging our pedigree in solving complex engineering problems for the benefit of the ADF. Our world class team of autonomous systems specialists enables Corvo to offer leading edge solutions, designed and manufactured in Australia.

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