The Australian International Airshow showcased the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology including Corvo UAS, the impressive range of military grade, modular Small UAS (SUAS) from Australian owned Defence Systems Integrator, SYPAQ.

In addition to the Corvo H6 Multirotor that hit the market in 2016, the Airshow coincided with the launch of three new Corvo platforms – the F13 and F20 fixed wing SUAS platforms, which both share their avionics systems with the H6, and the 99 gram Micro (pictured), which SYPAQ states is in a class of its own and is ideally suited to law enforcement and public safety applications.

Since the Airshow, SYPAQ has been inundated with inquiries from around the world.

Whilst thrilled with the global interest in Corvo UAS, Ross Osborne, General Manager, SYPAQ Sensors and Surveillance, was quick to point out that his team’s focus has been on meeting the specific requirements of SYPAQ’s Australian Defence, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Mining and Utilities customers, safe in the knowledge that many of these needs are universally relevant throughout the world. “SYPAQ’s heritage is in solving complex technology-centric problems for Defence, Government and Private Enterprise in Australia. As such, we have been working closely with the local C4ISREW community to ensure we design and manufacture a range of systems that meet Australia’s current and emerging UAS needs whilst keeping a keen eye on the export potential of Corvo.”

That strategy appears to be paying off, with genuine interest from Australia, Asia and Europe as Osborne went on to explain. “It’s too early to disclose the status of local and international projects but we look forward to sharing some exciting news throughout 2017 that will position Corvo UAS as the leading Australian brand in the military and commercial grade SUAS market.”