SYPAQ was incorporated in Victoria, Australia, as a company in 1992, under the stewardship of our current Managing Director Mr George Vicino. George’s vision for the company has always been adventurous and optimistic, and SYPAQ’s constant growth has rewarded his ambitions.

Since its most embryonic days, the company has expanded from its base in Melbourne to spread its services throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. This stellar growth has been matched by the exceptional calibre of staff that SYPAQ has managed to attract and retain, and the great diversity of projects that our company subsequently engages with.

SYPAQ’s core business spans Management and Technology Consulting, Systems Integration and Managed Services. We assist organisations transform strategy into capability through the application of a variety of disciplines spanning the entire acquisition lifecycle. When combined with our vast array of products and solutions ranging from technologies covering C4ISR, Security, Simulation, and Communications, SYPAQ delivers its customers with end-to-end integrated and supported solutions.

SYPAQ’s success as a company is also directly attributable to its ongoing refinement of the finest, proven business methodologies and training skills.

Rigorous compliance with the most exacting external process appraisal methods and testing is mated to an internal ‘scorecard’ based performance reporting and monitoring system: the net result demonstrates not only our deep-seated professionalism, but an industry standards-setting that actively benefits our clients. SYPAQ employs sophisticated and state-of-the-art business development methods, often coupling these with ISO full- compliance requirements or technically-compliant (i.e. ISO 9000 quality standards, IEEE STD 1220, EIA-632 & MIL-STD-499B) systems engineering benchmarks. This firm emphasis upon quality of service-delivery from our end produces a consistently qualitatively-superior experience for our clients. Client attraction, satisfaction and loyalty has never been a problem for SYPAQ.

Far from growing complacent, SYPAQ is constantly setting in motion the practicalities of company growth projections. Priding itself upon its reputation for quality at a realistic and cost-effective rate, SYPAQ continues to expand its workforce, technical skills and geographical coverage to meet the most elaborate requirements of its client-base. SYPAQ adheres to the ethos of ‘Transforming Strategy into Capability’: a new-found reflection of our precision drive to develop your optimal business culture, practices and skills. Similarly, because we are resolutely vendor- and supplier- independent, thereby preventing any conflict of interest, our clients remain confident in the knowledge that SYPAQ’s services represent our industry’s finest.

SYPAQ Operates 3 business units to span across the broad set of capabilities offered;

SYPAQ Defence and Aerospace –

SYPAQ Enterprise and Government –

SYPAQ Sensors and Surveillance –