Bellinger Plays Key Role in HMAS ANZAC Ship Upgrade 8 June 2021

RF Products, Inc. (RFPinc), in Camden, New Jersey recently announced that it received notice that the HMAS FFH-150 ANZAC ship has been fully accepted by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for upgrades which included RFPinc’s complete VHF/UHF Multi-Mode, Multi-Band RF Distribution System (M3B RFD) with RFD Remote-control Digital Dashboard (R2D2TM) for the RAN SEA 1442 Phase 4 Project. The Project included a total radio-to-antenna upgrade to RAN’s 8 ANZAC Class Frigates, which were commissioned from 1996 to 2006. It seemed fitting that the FFH-150 was the first to receive acceptance as it was the first in its class after ship construction.

When the SEA 1442 Phase 4 project began, the then Australian Minister for Defence, Sen. David Johnston, said the communications modernisation on board the ANZAC Frigates will be a significant boost for the Navy, ensuring the ANZAC frigates will achieve and maintain information superiority in the maritime environment and will deliver a significant improvement to the communications capability through an integrated system, including new radio and switching systems, secure voice and tactical communications system, and a communications management system.

The capability upgrade laid the foundation of a maritime architecture critical to future RAN tactical communications.

RFPinc’s M3B RFD includes all of the RF equipment required between all of the M3B radios and the antennas distributed throughout the top of the ship. The M3B RFD solves cosite interference problems among the radios and keeps antenna population to a minimum. The M3B RFD enables multiple radios to operate simultaneously and enables the operator to quickly and easily change radios between bands and modes either singularly or all at the same time. The control of the complex M3B RFD is simplified via RFPinc’s patented Remote Control RFD Digital Dashboard (R2D2TM).

“This year is RFPinc’s 100th anniversary of being in the military RF tuning business” said Frank Arlotta, RFPinc Vice President of Sales, Marketing and System Engineering. “RFPinc has the first and still the only Type Designated airborne M3B RFD, the ARC-233. Our success proves that our M3B RFD/R2D2 concept provides coherence across different ship designs and different aircraft designs. We’ve also successfully scaled our M3B RFD for Land Systems, both fixed/sheltered and mobile. Warfighters will be able to more easily adapt platform external communications to changes in mission focus. Governments will be able to see a more significant return on their investment in modern radios through increased and improved ship, aircraft and land communications capabilities.”

“At this time, RFPinc must also recognise the contributions made by our in-country partners: Mitso Consulting Pty Ltd who helped make winning the contract possible via proposal support and Bellinger Systems Pty Ltd who provides in-Australia installation and check-out support including system start-up engineering services and lifetime product support. Both Mitso and Bellinger provide important Australian industry content to RFPinc’s M3B RFD’s in Australia.”